Custom Signs: Making the Workplace Safer

Need a customised sign for your workplace?

If you are a hospital, council, school, retail store, venue or office we’re sure to have you covered but if you happen to be a business that falls somewhere in between, no problem; why not custom-design your sign to your exact specifications?

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As part of our range we offer safety signs intended to stop or impede injury or harm. Many businesses underestimate the impact of signs. Signs are crucial in warning staff against hazardous environments or situations, which can result in severe injury or even death. You can significantly reduce the risk of accidents by making sure your workplace is well stocked with big, bold signage.

According to Australian Standard 1319, safety signs are a MUST for the workplace. In order for signs to be most effective, they must include two crucial elements – they need to be highly visible to the public and the messaging must be clear to understand. Other important aspects of safety include choosing the right signal word, which conveys the message you would like to communicate.

Unsure of Which Signal Word to Choose?

Here are some guidelines when creating your sign:



When to use: Use this signal word for situations that are extremely hazardous, which could cause great harm, injury or death.

Design elements: The word danger is highlighted in white, within a red oval. Text should be included below the symbol on a white background.

When to use: Use this signal word when you want to communicate that an action must be carried out, such as wearing certain protective gear like helmets, and/or eye wear.

Design elements: the symbol that conveys your warning should be included within a blue circular background, as shown. Text should white on blue background.



When to use: Used when you would like to communicate a hazardous situation that is NOT life threatening. This is not to be confused with danger, which is life threatening.

Design elements: Bright yellow background. Text should be written in black.

Thank you for not smoking

 When to use: Use whenever you would like to indicate that an action is not allowed, such as smoking.

 Design elements: The red stop sign is used over the action that is not allowed. Text is written in black, underneath the stop signal.



When to use: Use the fire signal word when you would like to indicate where fire extinguishers are located.

Design elements: Red background with white elements.

When to use: Used to communicate where emergency related products and facilities are located.

Design elements:  Green background with white elements.


When to use: These signs are not in compliance with 1319, but are very popular. These signs can be custom made and used for any message that you would like to convey such as location, logistics, other company regulations and practices.

Design elements:  Whatever symbol or text that  conveys your message.


When deciding what size is the best for you, there are a few things to consider.
1. Where is the sign going to be used? Inside or outside? What is the lighting like and where will it be mounted?
2. How much text and symbols will be on the sign?
3. Lastly, how far in advance should you warn others of a potential hazard?

If you are unsure, cut out the size of your sign in paper using the same dimensions of your sign and see if it is large enough. You might think A3 is large enough but you won’t really know until you post it up and see if the message is legible.

In most circumstances a bigger sign is usually the better option especially if used for safety or security purposes as it is important to alert people early enough so they can avoid any potential hazards.

Create signs offers a selection of sign sizes ranging from A5 – A2.

Size Length Width
A2 594mm 420mm
A3 420mm 297mm
A4 210mm 148mm
A5 148mm 105mm
A6 105mm 75mm

Please note: Me Group trading as Create Signs Online will not be responsible for any liability created by signs that do not comply with Australian Standards AS1319.

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