Welcome to Create Signs. Below are all the most frequently asked questions.


What do you print on?

Aluminium composite panel is 3mm thick and has slightly rounded corners.

Can I use your signs outdoors?

Yes, you can use our metal signs outdoors and indoors. We use UV stable inks which are designed for outdoor use.

Is printing included in the cost?

Yes, however, the printing costs vary depending on the size of the sign. To cost of each sign is clearly shown when you are editing.

Current 2017 prices are below. You can also visit our pricing page here

* Please note that prices can change without prior warning.

Do you use the Pantone matching system?


However, please note some computer screens shows slight differences in colours based on the display technologies of the device you’re using. Colour wise, this is the primary reason printed signs look different from your original design that you see on your computer screen.

What file format should I provide when submitting my electronic document for printing?

You can upload .jpg or .png files.

At what resolution should I save my graphics and photos?

If you are using one of our templates and adding a logo or graphic the following applies;

  • Minimum resolution: 300 x 300px
  • Minimum dpi: 72
  • Formats: .jpeg or .png

If you are uploading your own completed design then the file needs to be

  • Minimum dpi is: 360
  • Formats: .jpeg or .png
  • Max File size: 50MB

Please note you must upload your file in your desired print size and allow 5mm to bleed within
the artwork, there is no printing to the edge. Available print sizes are A2, A3, A4, A5

How do I know if my file is high resolution or not?

You can check your image resolution by right clicking the image and then by clicking on the ‘Properties’ tab. In the menu, locate the ‘Details’ tab, this will reveal all the resolution details of your image.

Are my designs saved?

Yes. There are 2 ways that your design is saved.

1. If you are registered, you can simply save your sign by clicking “save for later” on the editing screen
and it will save to your account. If you are not registered, you will be prompted to create an account first.

2. When you place your order you will be asked to create an account and your design is saved automatically.

However, please note that the background and mounting option selected is NOT kept by the website so you will need to select these again when you place or order.

Do you provide a proof?

No. We do not provide a proof however you are able to check your work at any time while editing and you can also save your design. We also provide a thumbnail version of your sign (without the coloured background) before you make payment for your order so you can always check it before you make your purchase.


How do I hang my sign?

We provide 3 mounting options. Your selection will depend on the surface you are
mounting your sign on.

1. Acribond double sided tape ($3)

  •  A3000 Acrylic Foam Tape
  • Very high strength long lasting acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Specially
    formulated for use at cold temperatures.
  • Used extensively for fixing composite building panels and wall cladding.
  • Ideal for joining sheet metal can replace mechanical fasteners, liquid adhesives, and welding.
  • High strength viscoelastic cellular foam conforms readily to irregular or curved surfaces.
  • Used for permanent fixing of signs and nameplates.
  • Excellent UV, solvent and weather resistance.

Please note it is very important to clean and dry the surface of properly before mounting your sign.

2. Stand Off Sign Fixing (Set of 4) – $10

  • 4 Stainless steel standoffs
  • 28mm long x 18.5mm wide

A sign standoff is a small piece of hardware made up of a barrel, cap and wall screw. The benefit of standoffs is they allow the sign to actually “stand-off” the wall. This helps create a 3D professional effect.

3. 4 x Fence Holes and 4 x Clear Cable Ties – No charge

Holes are 5mm wide and stamped 13mm from the edge.
Cable ties are clear (off white) and medium length.

Simply thread the cable ties through each hole and secure to a fence or pole.


Do I need to create an account?

No, you can start your order straight away. Once you have finished your design and you’re in the order processing section you will be given the option to create an account for future use.

Can I get a quote for my sign?

Yes, please call our office on 1300 044 120 and we will provide a quote.

Where do you ship?

Create Signs ships goods Australia wide, however at this time we do NOT accept international orders through our website. Please contact us on 1300 044 120 to enquire about a special order.

How do I know if my area complies with the flat shipping rate of $22?
Most metropolitan areas will comply with our flat fee however if you are unsure please call our customer service.

What currency do you accept?

All payments are processed in Australian Dollars.

How do I pay?

It is company policy to request payment with all orders unless an account is approved. Payment is normally made when your order by credit card; we accept Visa and MasterCard, however, you can also pay by direct transfer or cheque. If you prefer to pay by direct debit or cheque these will take longer as we wait for funds to be cleared before processing your order.

What happens after I place my order?

You will receive 2 emails, the first will confirm the receipt of your payment and the second a confirmation that we have received your order. Once your order is printed and dispatched you will then receive a final email to advise that your order is dispatched. It will include a courier tracking code.

How long does it take to complete my order?

Printing is done within two days of placing the order. Goods are dispatched the day of printing.


Can I change my shipping address?

Only if goods have not been dispatched.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We deliver products using Couriers Please. Shipping times are estimated at 1 and 3 business days (longer if you are in a rural area) depending on your location.

Can I track my order?

You will receive an email with the tracking code.

Do you charge GST on shipping?

GST is included in our shipping price.

How do I get my GST invoice?

Your invoice will be emailed to you and will clearly show the GST component. You can also get a copy when you log into your account on our website.